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About Aerostar SES

Aerostar SES LLC is a full service environmental engineering and remediation firm headquartered in Jacksonville, Florida. After 23 years of continuous growth and improvement, Aerostar SES talented pool of engineers, geologists, and scientists now provide comprehensive environmental services to industrial, commercial, and governmental clients located throughout the continental United States.

Aerostar SES employees are highly trained and the best and brightest in the industry. No project is viewed as too small and routine or too large and complex. Our dedicated and energized staff is the key to our success. By focusing on solutions and celebrating each milestone, our staff strives to be the best in the industry.

Aerostar SES uses the latest technology and innovative strategies to maintain our position as a front runner in the environmental cleanup and consulting industry. Aerostar SES continuously monitors market conditions and responds quickly to market changes. We provide value to our clients with the efficient, diligent, and unselfish use of our abilities to understand their challenges and provide cost-effective and innovative solutions. When working with Aerostar SES, expect unsurpassed value that can be measured in terms of quality, responsiveness, and economic benefit.