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Clients Served

Aerostar SES LLC has established relationships with a diverse base of private and public sector clients located throughout the United States. Over 90% of the projects we are currently performing are for repeat or referral clients.

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Federal, state, and local governmental agencies represent a significant portion of our client base. These clients are serviced through a variety of long-term contract vehicles. Aerostar SES’s institutional expertise in the area of public sector procurement and contract administration is a vital corporate asset.  By leveraging our technical competencies with public sector business management skills, we have consistently earned excellent performance reviews and an above industry average growth rate. Above all, we obtain a special sense of pride and accomplishment by supporting the mission objectives of our governmental clients.

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Private businesses small and large depend on our expertise to achieve the regulatory compliance objectives of operational facilities and for assistance with third party business transactions. Manufacturing facility, commercial building, petroleum, bulk storage, and transportation asset owners rely on us for the complete process of pollution prevention, preparedness, and response. Financial institutions, insurance companies, legal professionals, A&E firms, and a wide range of other service companies rely on us for environmental assessment, due diligence, engineering, remediation, and project management expertise.