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Why Aerostar SES

Culture – Aerostar SES LLC’s corporate culture is based on the three guiding principles of integrity, commitment, and quality:  Integrity by up-holding our clients’ interest as paramount, providing honest answers and practical solutions, holding ourselves to a higher standard, and conducting business by the “Golden Rule;” Commitment to maintaining project schedule and budget, producing cost effective solutions, utilizing leading edge technology, and maintaining proactive and open communication with clients and project stakeholders; and Quality through creating new standards of excellence, utilizing standard operating procedures for quality assurance, providing strong in-house project management and cost controls, and creating innovative win-win partnering relationships.  At Aerostar SES, we have created a culture where our employees continuously strive to exceed rather than simply meet client expectations. This aspect of our corporate culture is largely responsible for why Aerostar SES has grown at twice the industry average growth rate since 1999.

Diversification – Aerostar SES provides the full range of environmental services that are organized to align with business divisions and the project life cycles of our clients. Environmental site assessment services facilitate completion of a wide range of third party business transactions. NEPA and natural resource services are typically required at the forefront of economic growth initiatives.  Environmental engineering and compliance services support normal course of business operations.  Industrial hygiene services are required to reduce occupational hazards to employee health and safety.  Remediation and construction services improve client assets and implement corrective action when necessary.

Best Value – Providing a broad range of environmental service lines requires a large body of technical expertise and a diversity of project experience.  Aerostar SES’s best value to our clients is achieved by properly matching our resources with the client’s project requirements and then delivering the work product as efficiently as possible.  One of our key strengths lies in the ability to offer clients both “economy of scale” and the personal attention of our experienced executive team for every project.

Quality – At Aerostar SES, our approach to quality is based upon 21 years of utilizing advanced quality management systems and applying world class business management practices. Aerostar SES’s Quality Management System is the foundation of our commitment to personal health & safety, regulatory compliance, fulfillment of contract commitments, professional conduct, and ethical behavior.

Corporate Stability, Financial Strength, and Business Management – Aerostar SES’s business practices are also key reasons why clients choose us.  Our cost accounting, risk management, and contract administration systems are continuously vetted against demanding public and private sector procurement standards including the Defense Contract Audit Agency, the U.S. Small Business Administration, and leading banking, surety, and insurance companies that both use our services and underwrite our business risks.