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Environmental Site Assessment

Environmental  Site Assessment Various Phase I and II ESAs, Regional Banking Institutions – Aerostar SES has provided environmental site assessment services for multiple regional banking institutions. We have completed over 1,000 Phase I and II ESAs throughout Alabama, Florida, Georgia, Mississippi, Louisiana, Texas, and Tennessee. These assessment services have been provided at residential, commercial, and industrial properties, including such operations as manufacturing, gas stations, educational institutions, and apartment complexes.
Environmental Site Assessment St. Johns River Water Management District, Environmental Assessment Services for District Lands – Aerostar SES was awarded three competitive 3-year continuing services contracts with the St. Johns River Water Management District. Services included Phase I ESAs, Phase II through IV ESAs, radon and asbestos surveys, contaminated soil and groundwater assessments, remedial design, remedial clean-up actions, groundwater monitoring, UST removals and assessments, and hydrologic fate and transport modeling. Aerostar has completed 37 work orders and over 20 Phase I and Phase II ESAs under this contract. Aerostar SES has assessed over 20,000 acres over the past 3 years.
Environmental Site Assessment USACE Jacksonville District, Hazardous, Toxic and Radioactive Waste (HTRW) Study Jacksonville Harbor Feasibility Study – Aerostar SES performed an assessment of the St. Johns River from Mile 0 to Mile 20 and prepared a Feasibility Study Report for five sites selected by the US Army Corps of Engineers (USACE) Jacksonville District for use as an upland Dredged Material Management Area in Support of the St. Johns River Harbor Deepening Feasibility Study. Aerostar SES conducted historical research and reviewed environmental records for each of the selected properties to determine if HTRW had ever been used, stored or generated at, or adjacent to, the sites.
Environmental Site Assessment USACE Louisville District, Remedial Investigation and Feasibility Study Nike Missile Site C-44 – Aerostar SES conducted an investigation of a Defense Environmental Restoration Program/Formerly Used Defense Site (DERP/FUDS) known as the former Nike Missile Site C-44 located in Chicago, Illinois. The site was used by the DoD as part of the guided missile defense system for the Chicago, Illinois and Gary, Indiana metropolitan areas from 1955 through 1963. The Remedial Investigation (RI) was conducted to assess the nature and extent of contamination and develop an acceptable remedial approach. The scope of work included the preparation of Work Plans; development and implementation of a Public Involvement Program; implementation of RI field activities for 14 Areas of Concern (AOCs) including soil and groundwater sampling, geophysical investigation of suspect underground storage tanks; the statistical evaluation of the RI laboratory analytical data; performance of an environmental and human health risk assessment; and the preparation of a RI report.
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NEPA & Natural Resources

NEPA & Natural Resources South Alabama Utilities (SAU) Gopher Tortoise Surveys – Since 2005, Aerostar SES has managed a 380-acre Gopher Tortoise preserve near Citronelle, Alabama. The preserve is owned by SAU and utilized for the relocation of federally threatened gopher tortoise from right of ways where maintenance and installation of new waterlines occur throughout Mobile County. Tortoise burrows can extend more than 30 feet laterally and over 15 feet vertically in the ground. A special gopher tortoise camera is used to determine if the animal is present, and if so a wire trap is set at the entrance of the burrow. Aerostar SES has one of only a few biologists in the area with the license and equipment to perform this work.
NEPA & Natural Resources Wildlife Hazard Assessment and Management Plan, Blue Grass Airport Aerostar SES conducted a 12-month study to identify wildlife attractants and hazardous wildlife species, as defined by FAA Advisory Circular 5200-33b, for the Blue Grass Airport (BGA). This study included analysis of deer-proof fencing, wetland habitat on airport property, mammalian predator hazards, winter blackbird roosts, and adjacent land uses. The data collected during the study was used to develop a Wildlife Hazard Assessment and Wildlife Hazard Management Plan in compliance with FAA standards and guidelines that included delegation of responsibilities, control techniques, permits, and coordination with adjacent landowners. Aerostar also provided Wildlife Hazard Training for airport operations staff as required by 14 CFR § 139.337.
NEPA & Natural Resources USACE Mobile District, Wetland Delineation One Station Unit Training (OSUT) Maneuver Areas Fort Benning – Aerostar SES conducted wetland delineations and stream evaluations of 1,562 acres located within the OSUT/19K/19D Maneuver Areas at Fort Benning, Georgia. Tasks included the development of a progress chart; field data collection; wetlands delineation; GPS surveying and GIS formatting; report/deliverables; meetings; administrative support; and field verification. All work was completed in accordance with the guidelines published by the USACE Corps of Engineers Wetlands Delineation Manual Final Report Edition dated January 1987.
NEPA & Natural Resources USACE Mobile District, Environmental Assessment (EA) MCLB Albany Maintenance Storage Area Aerostar SES prepared an EA for the MCLB Albany, Georgia. This EA addressed the construction of new facilities at the Maintenance Center Area which included a Maintenance Storage Facility, a Tactical Communications/Electrical System Rebuild Facility, Hardstands (Phase I and Phase II), a Component Blast and Paint Facility, an Engineering Maintenance Facility, and a Functional Firing Range. Areas of analysis included land use, air quality, noise, geology and soils, water resources, biological resources, cultural resources, socioeconomics, hazardous wastes and toxins, transportation and utilities. The EA determined that the Proposed Action would have no significant impact on the quality of the human or natural environment; therefore, a Finding of No Significant Impact (FONSI) was granted.
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Engineering & Compliance

Engineering & Compliance USACE Jacksonville District, Tower Chemical Superfund Site – Aerostar SES prepared a conceptual design and technical memorandum associated with the connection of residential properties to a public water supply in the vicinity of the Tower Chemical SUPERFUND Site, a 15-acre abandoned pesticide manufacturing facility in Lake County, Florida. Tower Chemical discharged acidic wastewater into a 0.5-acre, unlined percolation/evaporation pond, which was located over a relict sinkhole that created a conduit to the Floridian aquifer. Upon approval of the conceptual design Aerostar SES was tasked with the final engineering design, permitting and construction of the water supply system. Aerostar managed all field construction operations and prepared as-built drawings.
Engineering & Compliance JEA, Spill Prevention Control and Countermeasure Plans, Electrical Substations – Aerostar SES visually inspecting over 110 JEA substations, service centers and power generation plants within the JEA service area for compliance with federal spill control regulations. Separate reports for each facility were prepared, including scaled site plans documenting storage locations and surficial flow paths, oil and fuel loading/unloading areas, and distance and direction to nearest water bodies. Recommendations were included in each report detailing planned facility upgrades to include new or larger spill control kits, security additions, and landscaping designed to prevent or reduce the severity of an accidental spill of oil or fuel.
Engineering & Compliance NAVFAC Southeast, Emergency Planning and Community Right-to-Know Act (EPCRA) Compliance Reporting (11 Naval Facilities Across the Southeast) – Aerostar SES has performed 32 EPCRA compliance reporting projects at 11 Naval and Marine Corps installations located throughout the NAVFAC Southeast area of responsibility over the past four years. In addition to the document and database studies, Aerostar SES performed facility and shop surveys and investigations, and held meetings and interviews with appropriate personnel to gather additional material type, usage, and disposal information necessary to prepare the EPCRA 311/312/313 reports. Aerostar SES reviewed each installation’s pollution prevention plans, hazardous waste management plans, air emissions reports, fueling inventory records, hazardous materials procurement and inventory records, and hazardous material and waste databases to acquire a complete understanding of the number, types, quantities, chemical compositions, container sizes, and locations of the hazardous materials managed throughout the reporting period.
Engineering & Compliance NAVFAC Mid-Atlantic, Environmental Baseline Compliance Study for 26 Navy Reserve Centers – Aerostar SES conducted this environmental baseline compliance study to determine environmental related regulatory and compliance requirements and documentation for 26 Navy Reserve Centers located throughout the Northeast. The goal was to establish an environmental baseline at each center and determine current and future shortfalls measured against applicable federal, state, and local requirements. Prevention activities focused on proactively eliminating the potential for pollution. This included source reduction, implementation of a material and waste tracking system (Hazardous Substances Management System), and the use of products, processes, practices and other measures that would reduce or eliminate hazardous materials use and hazardous waste generation.
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Industrial Hygiene

Industrial Hygiene Asbestos and Lead-Based Paint Survey, Confidential Facility – Aerostar SES performed an asbestos containing materials (ACM) and a lead-based paint (LBP) abatement survey for historical buildings located in Florida. The structures were being converted from office space into student dormitories. Special considerations that required accommodation included preservation of historic features during building renovation activities while ensuring the removal of all ACM and LBP hazards. Flooring tile systems and interior plaster were located throughout the three buildings of the facility. LBP was confirmed on the original perimeter plaster walls of the buildings. Interior drywall components with similar surface paint were confirmed to be non-LBP. This assessment identified and quantified the ACM and LBP in the buildings and was able to offer the owners significant cost savings for removal and disposal of the confirmed ACMs and LBPs. LBP-containing materials that could be segregated as a separate waste stream were stockpiled onsite for Toxicity Characteristic Leaching Procedure analysis of lead prior to disposal.
Industrial Hygiene Duval County Public Schools (DCPS) Industrial Hygiene & Environmental Consulting Services on an Annual Contract Basis –Aerostar SES provided industrial hygiene, health and safety, and environmental consulting services to the DCPS to assist their facility managers in identifying and eliminating environmental hazards that may impact the health and well being of the teachers, students, and DCPS employees. As part of these services, Aerostar SES provided indoor environmental quality assessments, remediation, and emergency response services; developed an ongoing program for lead-based paint identification; performed radon emission and lead-based paint surveys at over 100 schools; prepared Phase I and Phase II ESAs; prepared Site Assessment Reports for numerous sites including properties impacted by leaking storage tanks and by former pesticide use; designed and implemented remedial action plans; performed removal and cleaning of hazardous wastes at two hazardous waste storage units; and performed storage tank management services.
Industrial Hygiene City of Jacksonville Federal Courthouse Abatement and Oversight – Asbestos, Lead-Based Paint, and Mold – Aerostar SES provided abatement oversight and quality assurance services as part of asbestos, lead-based paint, and mold abatement activities at the Historic Federal Courthouse in downtown Jacksonville, Florida. Actual site conditions encountered during the work activities supported our technical approach of conducting the remediation for mold, asbestos and lead-related abatement activities concurrently. Our personnel were present onsite at all times to monitor the contractor’s progress, inspect debris removal procedures, inspect removed debris, ensure proper handling of building demolition materials, and provide OSHA health and safety oversight and air monitoring. Bulk samples for mold, asbestos, and lead-based paint were collected using our certified and highly experienced personnel. Tasks performed as part of the project were based on daily field observations and the technical specifications prepared prior to project initiation, including baseline air sampling, containment inspection, final visual inspections, clearance air sampling, health and safety oversight, daily reporting of results to the abatement contractor and City’s representative, and completion of a final project close-out report.
Industrial Hygiene NAVFAC Southeast, MCAS Beaufort Asbestos and Lead-Based Paint Survey – Aerostar SES conducted a pre-renovation/demolition asbestos containing materials assessment and a lead-based paint survey of the interiors and exteriors of seven buildings totaling over 100,000 square feet in floor area at Marine Corps Air Station Beaufort, South Carolina. The asbestos assessment included building spaces, crawl spaces, attics, steam and hot water piping, furnaces, boiler rooms, asbestos insulated duct work, heat exchangers, roofs and any other structures, utility lines, or equipment insulated with/or suspected of containing asbestos that could become airborne during building renovation activities. XRF testing was performed to identify suspected LBP contaminated areas in each building.
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Environmental Remediation & Construction

Environmental Remediation & Construction Southern Crop Services, Environmental and Remedial Construction Services – Aerostar SES provided environmental and remedial construction services at the Southern Crop Services State Hazardous Waste Site located in Delray Beach, Florida. The Southern Crop Services site consisted of a former air strip occupying approximately 32 acres which was operated from the late 1940s until 1992. The Southern Crop Services site served as a base of operations for the aerial application of agricultural chemicals. Aerostar SES provided labor, equipment, lower-tier subcontractors, materials, and supplies needed to remove approximately 14,000 tons of pesticide and heavy metals impacted soils. A portion of the excavation area was covered in thick forested land. Aerostar SES obtained the appropriate permits and coordinated the removal and recycling of the trees with a local mulch manufacturing facility at minimal costs to the client. Prior to and during construction activities, Aerostar SES procured and maintained a stormwater management plan from the FDEP.
Environmental Remediation & Construction Florida Department of Environmental Protection, Remedial Action Source Removal and Dewatering Aerostar SES performed source removal activities including removal of Liquid Phase Hydrocarbons (LPHs) from the water table and excavation of impacted soils at a bulk AST facility for the FDEP. The project included excavating hydrocarbon impacted soils to approximately ten feet below land surface. Approximately 8,800 tons of hydrocarbon-impacted soil were excavated and transported to a state-approved landfill. Approximately 400 trucks were required to transport the impacted soil off-site. Aerostar SES also operated a dewatering system in order to reach the specified depths of the excavation. A water treatment system was installed to treat groundwater to National Pollutant Discharge Elimination Systems (NPDES) discharge standards. Approximately 17,000,000 gallons of treated groundwater were discharged to the St. Johns River. Following the excavation of hydrocarbon impacted soils, Aerostar SES installed 12-inch diameter LPH recovery wells. During the following year, LPH was removed from the wells using a vacuum truck until no LPH remained at the site. The site was subsequently removed from FDEP’s list of Imminent Threat Sites.
Environmental Remediation & Construction USACE Savannah District, Heating Oil Tank Removals/Replacements Fort Bragg – Aerostar SES provided environmental construction and remediation services during removal of approximately 90 underground storage tanks and installation of 70 aboveground heating oil storage tanks at various locations throughout Fort Bragg Army Base, North Carolina. Aerostar SES was responsible for transferring product from the USTs to the new ASTs, managing all Investigative Derived Waste generated during the closure of the USTs, disposing of residual fuel, removing and disposing of the USTs, and collecting appropriate soil samples for laboratory analyses to comply with State of North Carolina regulatory closure assessment requirements. Site maps were prepared for the regulated tanks showing all soil sample locations. The maps were incorporated in the closure assessment reports and subsequently submitted to the USACE and the regulatory agencies for approval. Aerostar SES also prepared Operational and Maintenance (O&M) Manuals for the new ASTs.
Environmental Remediation & Construction Fort Gillem Site Investigation and Remediation Building 610 – Aerostar SES conducted an Environmental Investigation/Site Characterization and Remedial Investigations/Engineering Evaluations to remediate dissolved and free phase hydrocarbons from a former leaking underground storage tank site. The site is located in a complex geological/hydrological setting due to the presence of bedrock within two feet of the land surface. Fate and transport analysis/modeling was performed to predict if the dissolved impacts and free phase hydrocarbons would be a threat to human health and the environment and to develop cleanup levels specific to the site. Aerostar SES also conducted hydrological engineering studies and Engineering Evaluation/Cost Analysis (EE/CA) to determine the most cost effective cleanup method. A multi-phase extraction system (MPE) which combined groundwater extraction/dewatering, conventional water treatment and soil vapor extraction technologies to remove the liquid phase hydrocarbons from the site was installed to achieve the cleanup objectives. Aerostar SES also conducted O&M of the MPE system followed by Long Term Monitoring.
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General Construction

Emergency Boiler Replacement – Veterans Affairs Medical Center (VAMC), Tuscaloosa, AL – We were awarded a FY2011 Superior Safety Award by the client for the $5.9 million removal and replacement of a boiler plant at the VAMC. The four existing boilers and other ancillary systems and components were removed, alterations were made to piping systems to accept new boilers, and four new boilers, controls and ancillary systems were installed. The scope  included general electrical and mechanical work as well as asbestos abatement. Work was performed in two phases in the spring and summer to minimize disruption to the occupied facility.
Replacement of Six-Inch Sanitary Sewer Force Main, Patrick AFB, FL – We replaced approximately 2,200 feet of 6-inch nominal diameter sanitary sewer force main starting from lift station Facility 203 to Facility 650. Anchors were installed for piping tees, plugs and caps, bends, and crosses. Work included reconnecting the service lines from three buildings with tie-ins to existing systems.
Lift Station Repair at Naval Ordnance Test Unit, Cape Canaveral Air Force Station, FL – We repaired two lift stations that were buried 12 – 16 feet beneath ground elevation, requiring an excavation permit to access the lift stations and underground piping, all of which had to be refurbished and/or replaced. Bypass pumps were installed to allow for uninterrupted operation of the sewage discharge and treatment system – this was done on weekends when sewage and wastewater volume was at a minimum. We were required to stop all excavation work on days when shuttle launch activity was scheduled; despite this, all work was successfully completed ahead of schedule.
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