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Code of Ethics

The mission statement of Bristol Bay Native Corporation is “Enriching Our Native Way of Life”. Since its inception BBNC has strived to achieve this mission by providing quality services to our customers so that we can continue to enhance the benefits to our Native shareholders from the Bristol Bay region. We are proud of our reputation and success, both of which are due in large part to our commitment to operating with integrity and high ethical standards.

Printable Code of Ethics – pdf

BBNC’s corporate culture not only asks employees to understand and uphold our Code of Ethics, but also encourages them to share with managers, human resources staff members, and the BBNC Legal Department any questions or concerns that may arise related to workplace conduct. Other ways to help us fulfill our commitment to integrity are to call BBNC’s corporate-wide reporting hotline, anytime of day or night, at 1-866-513-7078, or visit to anonymously report ethical concerns.